County Appraisal Districts Maps Online

OGI has completed GIS mapping services for numerous County Appraisal Districts in Texas.

OGI's team of GIS Professionals and Data Specialists can produce an online county parcel map using state-of-the-art computer aided mapping, historical cartography and geo-rectified satellite imagery. This specialized GIS process has produced an extremely accurate and up-to-date digital map that is available on the web and freely accessible around the clock.

OGI's GIS web app, OGI FlexMap for County Appraisal Districts allows users to search and browse high-accuracy land data and geo-rectified aerial images over the entire county. (Liberty county map screenshots below for quick overview of some powerful and popular features)

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*Your new online parcel map will be free for one year with no obligation to renew. The only thing we require in return is a link on your CAD web site to your new online parcel map and a small sign in your transaction area identifying OGI as your online map provider. If you have your map currently on Microstation, we will convert your DGN file to a shapefile(ESRI Arc GIS). E-mail Jeff Chilcoat, CAD Liaison today and we can have your map up in a few days...or

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OGI County Appraisal District Maps

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| Burleson CAD FlexMap | Tom Green CAD FlexMap |


OGI FlexMap boasts amazing new speeds and versatility. It is a GIS data-rich, custom multi-layered internet mapping application which enables any user on any web browser, PC or Mac, to search, navigate and explore a location. The map user can easily zoom in, move around, measure area and distance, select and retrieve data on parcels, print, create a PDF and many more features. Map users can search by specific attributes or by graphic spatial means. Search results can then be exported to an Excel spreadsheet format. The true display power of FlexMap is based on our clients specific needs and the respective data supplied for customization. Most of the typical county appraisal district maps we have produced have the following layers that can be turned on and off by the user; 1 meter aerials, 10 meter Dems(topographic lines), NexRad weather radar, City boundaries, county and city parks, flood plains, golf courses, airports, trash pickup, rivers and lakes, voter precincts, commissioner precincts, council districts, School Districts, universities & colleges, interstate highways, state highways, county and city roads, bridges, railroad tracks, lots & blocks, subdivisions, abstracts, census tracks and parcels.

OGI FlexMap has the power and flexibility to host and display any number of complex GIS data layers. From electric utilities to gas pipelines and water and sewer, if it is already in GIS data or in any number of drawing programs like CAD, Autodesk and ESRI Arc, OGIgov can convert your drawings and data into information the FlexMap utilize.

MAP TOOLS & FEATURES: OGI FlexMap also has a robust set of tools that are easy to use and require very little training to operate effectively.

  • Search by parcel or abstract
  • Search parcel by: name, property ID, value, property address
  • Measure distance or area in a variety of units
  • Identify individual parcels
  • Print or create PDF
  • Spatial select multiple parcels with a polygon or complex line segment
  • Export bulk search results to Excel spreadsheet
  • Stardard map view or with aerials in background
  • Zoom to selected search result
  • Multiple search results highlighted on map
  • Layer manager


Click here to go the NEW Liberty CAD FlexMap
Click here to go the NEW Liberty CAD FlexMap
Click here to go the NEW Liberty CAD FlexMap
Click here to go the NEW Liberty CAD FlexMap
Click here to go the NEW Liberty CAD FlexMap
Click here to go the NEW Liberty CAD FlexMap
Click here to go the NEW Liberty CAD FlexMap
Click here to go the NEW Liberty CAD FlexMap