FREE County parcel Map Special Offer

Your GIS Parcel Map Online...FREE. Yes, free...really!
For a limited time, OGI is now offering new CAD Clients in Texas the opportunity to put there parcel map online at no cost*. All we need is your Shape file or DGN file and tax roll.
Click Here to See it working!

*Your new online parcel map will be free for one year with no obligation to renew. The only thing we require in return is a link on your CAD web site to your new online parcel map and a small sign in your transaction area identifying OGI as your online map provider. If you have your map currently on Microstation, we will convert your DGN file to a shapefile(ESRI Arc GIS). Call or email Jeff Chilcoat today and we can have your map up in a few days.

Call 361-904-0071 to order your FREE online parcel map!


Aerial Imagery: Obliques

OGIgov is a full service Geographic Information System(GIS) and Information Technology provider. OGIgov is the sister company of, a team of mapping professionals, GIS technicians and software engineers that developed GIS products that ESRI ArcGIS Software providerare leading the industry in power, depth and flexibility.

We specialize in digitally mapping production for Texas appraisal districts(entire counties) on ESRI arcGIS. Our team will do an on site analysis of your maps and mapping needs, convert all maps to digital, attribute parcels and join to the latest appraisal role. When we have completed a CAD digital mapping system, our customers are trained to maintain their own maps, keep them up to date and make any changes necessary when they need. The advantage of a true Geographic Information System(GIS) is the ability to maintain an accurate geographic accounting of properties(parcel) in a district joined with an appraisal role database. ArcGIS users can search properties by data attributes or by visual geographic means(on the map). When a change is made to the appraisal role and an update join is performed, all parcel data is updated on the map. Think of GIS as a geographic inventory system. GIS helps make CAD's workeasier, by automating and integrating valuable tax role data with a state-of-the-art digital mapping system.

OGI FastMapOur newest GIS online mapping application, OGI FlexMap will change the way your organization views and uses maps. It's amazing speed compares to Google and Yahoo maps. See it in action, click here. There are many ways your city or county could benefit by using the services OGI offers.

We can map your entire county or city in the industry standard, state-of-the-art ESRI ArcGIS. If you need to update your paper maps, we can do it. If your city has current GIS data and would like it viewed and searchable online, free to your residents, we specialize in the development and hosting of inexpensive web-based mapping.

With a fully integrated GIS system in place, local governments can:

  • Texas Comptroller Map Rule 9.3002 Compliance
  • Map-assisted Valuations
  • Analyze and expand 911 Emergency Response Systems
  • Prepare for dispute hearings
  • Verify jurisdiction boundaries
  • Identify school district boundaries
  • Reduce foot traffic in your government offices
  • Assist the public with faster and more informative responses to requests.
  • NEW Print online maps to PDF